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Moving TIps

We know moving day can be chaotic and stressful for even the most organized people. Here is a list of tips to ease the process:

        • Mark items you wish to take yourself
        • Inform gas, electric cable and telephone services / Arrange for disconnect the day after you move
        • Make a final tour of your home
        • Lock all windows and doors
        • Turn off all switches
        • Empty your appliances and unplug all cords
        • Fill out change of address forms
        • Do not pack flammables
        • Mark boxes to ease the unpacking process
        • Mark a box you will need immediately upon arrival
        • Arrange for extra storage if needed
        • Keep boxes light (under 50 pounds)
        • Use cardboard or paper to fill boxes to top

Remember, we are here to help ease the process. Let us provide you with packing tips and checklists or simply let us do the packing for you. Call us today at 705-471-5044.

*content supplied from the Movers Directory.