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What Our Clients Are Saying

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Punctual and Organized

“We hired Able Moving to help us with our move yesterday. They were extremely friendly, professional, punctual, and organized. Thank you for making our move 100 times easier!”

-Sydney H.

Helpful Moving Tips

Moving to a new place? Take into account these handy and helpful tips!

Moving with Pets

Downsizing Guide

When moving into a condo, you will face challenges due to downsizing. Read these tips that can make your downsizing move easier.


  • Sort and label: Remember to organize your belongings and label them so you can unpack them quickly. Be systematic and pack your belongings room-wise. 

  • Get rid of unwanted stuff: Downsizing means lesser space. Use this opportunity to remove all unnecessary items. Declutter and donate to feel less burdened when you move.

  • Ensure the furniture fits: Take measurements of the condo to keep the furniture. You might have bulky furniture pieces, so the best thing is to measure them beforehand. 

  • Let a professional mover assist you: Making a downsizing move alone can be challenging and time-consuming. Hiring a professional mover can make your move easy.

Downsizing Guide

Packing Lists

  • Packing service: Take the tension out of packing for your move. We have highly-trained technicians offering packing services. Our team ensures all delicate and fragile items are packed and moved safely. 

  • Packing tips: Packing breakables and glasses in barrels is highly recommended. They are made of thicker cardboard to protect your belongings and absorb travel shock. 

  • Packing clothing: Hanging wardrobe boxes come in myriad sizes, each with a metal bar shaped just like a wardrobe. They are suitable for hanging closet items that cannot be carried flat.

Packing Lists

First Night Box

You cannot unpack as soon as you move. Thus, you must prepare the first-night moving box with all essentials. Here are some must-haves for the box:


  • Cleaning and maintenance Supplies: Remember to keep cleaning rags, paper towels, a few cleaning solutions, gloves and trash bags. Also, keep light bulbs and flashlights for emergencies.

  • Foods and beverages: Your refrigerator may not be set up on your first night. You can keep some quick bites handy. These include peanut butter, canned or pouched tuna, salmon or chicken, canned veggies and fruits, instant oatmeal, etc.

  • Sleeping arrangements: Keep pillows, sheets, blankets and bed comforters for every family member. 

  • Personal items: Have toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, soap and a comb in your first night boxes.

  • Personal electronic devices: Keep your workstations, laptops, charging devices, phones and tablets safely in your first night box.

  • Medical kit: Take all your medications and some bandages as well as ointments.

First Night Box
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